Månadens fluga Oktober - 08


Sarvijaakko and all of its variations are probably the most used salmon flies by Finnish fly fishermen. You can find this fly and different colour variations of it in my fly box where ever I go fishing for salmon. In Northern Norway green bodied variations have worked really well in all sizes. On the other hand larger black variations of this fly with a pink butt have caught a bunch of big salmon from the Lakselva.

My favourite variation is the one shown in the picture. It’s a brown shade fly that doesn’t look very interesting and it melts to the surrounding environment. That’s probably why the salmon love it. I fish with the fly with a long leader and one-hand rod. That allows me to do sensitive presentation and I can feel the takes much more accurately than with a long double-hander.

Hook: Size 2-12 double/treble
Butt: silver/gold tinsel and silk (orange/yellow/green)
Tail: Nutria beaver
Body: squirrel dubbing
Rib: gold tinsel
Wing: Nutria beaver
Hackle: soft hen

You can fish with this fly however you like. My favourite technique is to cast the fly almost across the river and let it swim really fast to your bank. Sometimes I just let the fly hang in front of the fish for several seconds. The smaller the fly the smaller the takes are many times. But it does not mean that a small takes mean a small fish…


Photo: Antti Härkönen