SBS Sunburst Zonker

Kolla in denna välgjorda SBS (by Johan B) på Sunburst Zonker bunden på Pro Tube!

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Auktion till förmån för Älvräddarna!

Missa inte att bjuda på denna auktion för den goda sakens skull, eller för att bräcka Baron som nu har högsta budet! Bilder på många av flugorna hittar du här.
Den som tagit initiativet är Johan Bertilsson AKA Lappkulia. Det känns mycket bra att ha samarbete med en sådan hyvens kille!


Johan Bertilssons steg för steg bilder nu på Nordic Fly Fishing!

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Annons i Västerbottens Kuriren och Västerbottens Folkblad 17-18/12


Unik kombitripp till Patagonien!




Combination Trip
Experience the Best of Patagonia with our new Combi trip. Las Buitreras / Rio Gallegos Sea trout and Jurassic Lake wild rainbows - in one trip, 1 april - 13 april. Only 4.990E from Rio Gallegos and back from Calafate.

This time of the year it's prime time in Jurassic with huge number of monster chromers cruising around outside the mouth of the river. 10 kilos wild rainbows are not unusual - on dry fly! The new heated cabins will make the life in the wilderness nice and cozy.

Las Buitreras pools are filled up with sea running browns and there's still fresh runs coming to the river (all the time into may) that "shake" up the pools. The river normally goes up and down, creating a need for fish to change places, making them eager to take the fly.

1 april: Arrive Buenos Aires
2 april: Flight to Rio Gallegos / Las Buitreras with dinner, welcome and briefing
3-8 april: 6 full days fishing Rio Gallegos / Las Buitreras exclusive 40 km, both sides
9 april: Transport to Jurassic, fish an hour or so in the evening if possible
10-12 april: 3 full days fishing Jurassic Lake
13 april: Transport to Calafate and then Buenos Aires
14 april: Earliest int flight home

Other avilable dates for Las Buitreras
5-12 february - 2 rods
12-19 march - 2 rods
19-26 march - 2 rods
26 march - 2 april - 2 rods
2 april - 9 april - 4 rods

Pre Season Report
The Las Buitreras camp manager Claudio Martin has been testing the waters. Two fish around 20 pounds, and two over 15 landed in one glorious afternoon. From the amazing Jurassic Lake we got a report that Dale Thorson landed 100 wild Rainbows in one day! Guess your arms are still sore Dale .

- The beginning of the season at Buitreras is less then a month away and we are looking forward to welcoming our first group. The river is getting in perfect shape!

River is roughly above +30 cm with light tea coloration and water temperature over 7°C.
It’s a great time at Las Buitreras and a lot of work for all the ones involved into making this place more than just a fishing destination.

Machines working on the roads, trucks coming up a down bringing supplies, girls redecorating the lodge, and fishing guides doing what they do best after, of course, guiding, sleeping, barbeques, sleeping again (and the list goes on and on…), anyway, they’re out there, just fishing…

We’ve been finding all along the different beats a mix of fresh sea-run browns and some of those lead-colored ones with 2-3 weeks from earlier runs that have reached their destination: Gallegos Rivers mid section, along Estancia Las Buitreras.
Beats 3 and 4 have been the best ones over the last 7 days and pools like El Henrik, Raquel and Limit Pools up to Flats and Island Stream have been producing the most. The highest tides of the year and one of the biggest runs is yet to come… come join us for the trip of a lifetime!