Solid Adventures Newsletter – August 20, 2014


Finding the perfect traveling bag has been something of a mission for all of us at Solid Adventures. After trying most of what was offered out there we finally decided to make our own! Today we are very proud to present our new DESTINATION TRAVEL BAGS! Specifically designed for likeminded fisherman and travelers these bags have been produced in a limited number and are available to order directly from us as long as stocks last! Contact us at for a chance to become the owner of your very own DESTINATION TRAVEL BAG!  

Designed and developed by Solid Adventures in close cooperation with swedish bag manufacturer BOBLBEE. The Solid Adventures Destination bags are designed for the traveling fisherman looking to protect and store their gear during traveling. To ensure the best possible quality we choose to work with Swedish bag manufacturer Boblbee (innovators of the hard shell back pack and the 2013-14 exclusive supplier for the Norwegian National Alpine Ski Team).

d5c4efa3-dc17-4885-ae1b-c632a213c84c5001a7cf-8f7b-4de0-90e9-d08ad6c1f169DESTINATION 130

A vault for precious gear when in transit. The ultimate solution for rods up to 9ft (4piece) Durability with destination angling in mind.
The Destination Cargo 130 Bag is designed exclusively for the traveling fisherman. Every compartment, pocket and measurement have been carefully revised and designed to fill a specific function. The bag comes with a removable tackle insert designed to fit reels, rods, lines, and other necessetities you want to bring on a serious fishing trip. The removable inner compartment makes sure your gear are protected and kept in place during your flights and travels. The idea behind the bag was to design something that could handle the toughest and roughest treatment at airports and at the back of trucks as well as being managable enough to carry with you on the next part of your expedition or scouting. The removable tackle insert is placed in the middle of the bag keeping your valuable fishing items protected and in one place. The outer material is made from reinforced Super-Tarp with strong padding while keeping weight to a minimum. The outer material called Super Tarp Shell is a synthetic water repellent rubber compound over tightly bundled polyester threads and has gone through rigorous mechanical trials as well as field testing for several years with national ski teams, scientists and not to mention Solid Adventures own scouting expeditions.

20b3b013-5578-46d7-8c6f-60bc74146ff2Rod CompartmentThe length of the rod compartment in the removable tackle insert is designed to fit up to 9' 4-piece single hand rods or 13'6" 6 - piece rod

The removable tackle insert is designed with removable inner walls. This allows you to fit reels, lines, and rods tightly in your compartments to make sure they do not move around during travel. The inside of the lid is designed with net pockets of varoius sizes to store leaders, terminals and smaller items. The whole tackle insert is removable and can be lifted out and used as a perfecet storage for your gear.

Price: 399,- Euro

debf7d5d-4a38-4223-b81b-b8c4360ecaf5DESTINATION CABIN S-35 Passport, travel documents, computer and precious gear – for the things that you need while in transit: Cabin S-35
Cabin bag used by the Solid Adventures crew when travelling around the world. Big enough to fit a Laptop, some back up reels (take off the line for security controls), extra clothing, spare fishing essential and more. The Cabin 35 bag is made in the same tough Super tarp material as our Cabin bag and rolls on 70 mm polyurthane wheels ever so smoothly. The measurements of this bag are approved by All International and most Domestic Airlines. We have taken this bag around the world on our scouting expeditions and have never been denied taking it on board.

Price: 169.- Euro

How to place an order and where to get…
Nothing easier than that. Get in touch with us directly and we will get back to you in a blink. Shop is open 24/7, 365 days per year. If you need some inspiration where to put some heat onto these bags, we might have one or two suggestions that will eventually lead you into the wilds of some prime fisheries in Argentina or Cuba, Location GTX or perhaps even New Zealand.  Order both the Destination 130 and the Cabin S-35 to be on the safe side and make your co-travelers green with envy! 

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