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Dear friends

It is better fishing than ever in Las Buitreras. Result from the new fishing regulations?
Most amazing is the sizes, so far every day 4-5 fish 18-22lb range landed (and released)
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Last chance to book this season
28 feb - 7 march - 3 rods
14 march - 21 march - 4 rods
with possible ad on in Jurassic River camp

Report today from campmanager Klaus Frimor
After 2 days this week 46 sea trout is landed, biggest 22lbs, and a lot of fish 10-15lbs, chrome bright! Last morning was slower with 4 only, but the evening was fantastic with 18 landed. Anders Holmberg just arrived late evening, trying 3 pools in a couple off hours and landed 2 nice fish. River is perfect condition, 12-14C, tea colored. Still a lot fo fish coming, I saw the biggest monster at "one-cast" pool yesterday evening!

(if it continues this week will land around 120-130 sea trouts in very good sizes)

Christer Sjöberg
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